Soap Nuts: The Truly Natural Answer to Clean Laundry

Meta: An all-natural alternative to chemical rich detergents, soap nuts can help you keep your body and home clean. Here’s how.

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These days, it seems that everyone is looking for a way to strip the chemicals out of their lives. With food, the less ingredients, the better—and the more pronounceable they are, the better! Hormones and preservatives are out and all-natural and preservative-free are in.

The same goes for various products people use around their homes. As people have growing concerns over what they put in, on, and around their bodies, chemical-laden cleaners and beauty products are out and all-natural is in. If you’re not going to put chemicals in your food, why would you put them on your kitchen countertops, on the floors in your home, or in the very air you breathe?

Is There an All-Natural Way to Clean My Laundry?

Of all the things you and your family come into contact with inside your home, your clothing is probably one of the most important, as it’s on your skin for most of the day and night. There are many detergents on store shelves that describe themselves as gentle, scent-free and hypoallergenic, but these are still laden with chemicals. Is there a truly all-natural, chemical-free way to get your clothes clean?

All-Natural Soap Nuts

For a truly all-natural way to do your laundry, you simply have to try soap nuts. These little nuts (or berries, actually; they’re the fruit of the Sapindus family of bushes), pack a huge cleaning punch that has to be seen to be believed. Soap nuts will get your laundry clean and fluffy and the best part is that they’re 100% all-natural and contain zero manmade chemicals, as they go from the tree and right into your washing machine!

How Do I Use Soap Nuts?

Oftentimes, “all-natural”is thought of as “not-as-convenient”or “doesn’t work as well as the chemical stuff.”Not so with soap nuts! Simply toss them in with your laundry and that’s it! (Most soap nuts are sold with a muslin wash bag; this keeps them together so that they don’t get lost in your load of laundry.

If you’ve lost or worn out the wash bag for your soap nuts, the bags can be purchased separately online.) When the load is done, take the soap nuts out until you’re ready to wash the next load. It’s as simple as that! Soap nuts will get your clothes clean and more fluffy than regular chemical detergent. And best of all, you’re not using chemicals on yours and your family’s clothing or washing chemicals down the drain, adding more toxins into the environment!

Soap nuts are fantastic for washing baby clothes, as they don’t contain any irritants. They’re also fantastic for use by people who have sensitive skin. Why settle for something with chemicals that SAYS it’s “gentle”or “hypoallergenic”when you can go all-natural? Straight from the tree to your washing machine; soap nuts are as natural as you can get!

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